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SIA BALTA eko was established in 1998 and provides innovative printing solutions in the production of notebooks, personal organisers, appointment books, diaries, journal notebooks, wall, desk and pocket calendars, as well as printing services.

In 2005, a strategic step was taken in the company’s history when signing the cooperation agreement with one of the leading printing houses in the Baltics – JELGAVAS TIPOGRĀFIJA Ltd. – and becoming its subsidiary.



We are a vigorous and dynamic company operating not only in Latvia, but also in the neighbouring countries, where we develop products and printing solutions for Lithuanian, Estonian and Scandinavian customers.

Environmentally conscious

Since 2009, approximately 95% of BALTA eko products are produced from FSC certified paper.

This means that paper manufacturing does not harm the environment, including the ecosystems of lakes, rivers and swamps, biological resources and their natural habitat.

The certification scheme allows to track the products from the forest to the printing house, as well as promotes environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically profitable forest management. FSC™ certification confirms that we use paper from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social, and economic standards as well as responsible forest management.

Team of experienced and qualified professionals


We are proud of our employees and our dynamic and socially responsible company.

We care about the environment, employee health, safety and welfare. When engaging with customers, partners and the state, the company is committed to acting in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws, regulations and permits in matters pertaining to ethics and entrepreneurship standards.

Modern production technologies


Our products are manufactured in the printing house JELGAVAS TIPOGRĀFIJA – one of the leading printing companies in the Baltics steeped in rich tradition, which specializes in the printing of books, diaries, and calendars.

The competitiveness of Jelgava printing house is secured by consistently ensuring high product quality, impeccable customer service culture, as well as a rational and efficient work organization system, which allows to apply the most appropriate solution to each product.

Wide range of products

In line with its mission and its values, BALTA eko offers a wide range of high-quality products and printing solutions for notebooks, personal organisers, appointment books, diaries, journal notebooks, and calendars, thus aiming at preserving a long-held cultural tradition of a handwritten word.

The experience of more than twenty years gives us confidence that our products are user-friendly, convenient and help stay organised and get more accomplished.

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